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Hello lovely people! For today’s project, we’re gonna revamp a desk of mine. I will explain you step by step how I did it, so you can reproduce this on a desk of yours if you wish to or if you would like to add a personal touch to your furniture and home decor.

My goal here is to tweak this desk in a way that will allow me to match it with another cupboard that I have. My desk is very simple, no drawers, laminated with a light wood colour, while my cupboard is the complete opposite: laminated, dark wood with black on the sides. So Dark Vader vs. Anakin Skywalker basically!

As I really like the cupboard style and colour, I decided to tweak the desk to match it and not the opposite. Anyway, let’s go for this Home Decor/ Furniture Makeover DIY!

Material - What you need for this project

What you need for this project:

Sanding paper (or even better, a sanding machine)
Paint brush
Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Black Paint
Dark wood imitation sticker
– Scissors
– Scrapper (or any hard plastic card will do)

Step by step:

1. Sand the desk

I decided to sand my desk by hand this time, as I thought it would be quick and easy… BIG MISTAKE! First of all, it took me longer than expected, but also, I didn’t sand properly one of the feet of the desk, which resulted in having the paint peeling a couple of days later when I tried to put the sticker. Laminated surface and paint don’t forgive… I would suggest sanding using a sanding machine (the one I use is the Bosch one I linked above, and it’s doing a great job!) and make sure that every single corners are sanded, otherwise your paint might not stick.

Desk sanding

Also, little tip for when you sand wood: Make sure to sand it in the direction of the wood grain.

Once your desk is sanded, don’t forget to remove all the dust before painting! 😉 The surface you’re gonna paint must be clean and smooth.

2. Paint the feet of your desk/the structure

After sanding your desk, start applying your primer if you have one, so the paint lasts longer on your piece of furniture. As you can see in the video below, I did not use any primer, as I’m not planning on staying long in my flat and will probably not keep this desk. However, for more durable results, apply a primer first before your first layer of paint. It will act as a bonding coat between the paint and the material of your piece of furniture.

Painting the desk

If you’re planning on adding a sticker on the top, like I did in the video below, I would suggest not to paint the top. I personally did not sand or paint the top, so the sticker sticks better to the laminate part. I turned the desk around to avoid damaging the top. I thought it would stick better on a laminated material rather than a sanded material that might be a bit dusty or not smooth enough for the sticker to stay in place.
Here as well, when painting, apply the paint in the direction of the wood grain. Apply your first coat and then within the next hour or after 24 hours of drying, apply your second coat. After your second coat, you shouldn’t be able to see the wood anymore, but if you do, do not hesitate to apply a third layer.

Let it completely dry.

3. Add the sticker on top

After the feet/structure of the desk was completely dry, I turned the desk back on its feet to add the final bit: the sticker!

Clean the top of your desk and let it dry completely. You can then start adding the sticker on the top starting on one of the sides and scrapping the bubbles of air out with your scrapper.

Once the sticker is on the top part of your desk, completely smooth without any bubbles under it, then start looking into each corner. You can use 2 methods here:
– either you are using a hairdryer to stretch the corner the way you want them to fit (which is what they suggest on the package)
– or you fix it up by cutting the sticker the same way you would do to protect school books (remember how you use to do back to our school time). For this method, you have to stick the sides of the stickers to your desk, cut the corners so you can stick and fold them under each corner to create clean lines (check the videos for more details on this method).

Little bonus info: If you choose a desk that has drawers, don’t hesitate to add sticker on the front of the drawer as well and to change the handles, as it makes all the difference and doesn’t cost much 😉

And we are done! I have to admit that it turned out even better than what I was expecting, so I’m thrilled!!! Let me know below, if you have tried with one of your piece of furniture and how it turned out!

Here is mine, once finished:

Desk - Black and brown

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See the project in video:

If you didn’t know, I also have a Youtube Channel on which I post my projects, DIYs and organisation tips. Check it out!
You’ll find below a little sneak peak of my channel. This was the video I made on the Furniture makeover project (my crazy desk revamp).

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and a big thank you for stopping by! I hope to see you for the next blog post or video! Have a great day!


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