What is Industrial style in home decor?

Interior design features a very large selection of styles and home decor for all tastes, ages and purposes. You’ve probably already come across the so-called “Industrial home decor”. The industrial style has been inspired by the look of old factories and industrial spaces. Think raw material, vintage, neutral colours. The main goal with this style is to reach a chic “Warehouse look”. It would almost look “unfinished”.

Nowadays, numerous people are replicating this style in lofts and apartments, while adding their personal touch. Like a mix of the industrial look and feel with a touch of their own personal style. You can also say it’s a mix of modern and vintage, bringing a little bit of history in our modern world. In other words: a design of character.

On a side note, it also encourages environmentally-friendly behaviours. I know it might surprise you, because of the opposition between environmentally-friendly and industry, but if you think about it, we talked about vintage earlier, about history as well. The industrial style is known to implicate the use of reclaimed material, recycled furniture and existing structures and buildings.

Industrial style living room with vintage furniture.

What is “industrial style” in home decor?

Now, let me talk you through the characteristics of a typical industrial interior design, in case you want to take some bits and pieces you like to replicate this at home!

Use of raw material.

A key trait of an industrial style is the use of raw material like wood and metal, for instance. This is why you can usually see the metal or wood structure of a building (exposed beams), in the staircases or on the mezzanine. You’ll also find these materials in the furniture, the doors or the windows. When I say raw material, also think about concrete, brick walls, etc. It is very common to have one of the walls (if not all of them) left in their natural state: the bricks.

Exposed pipes

As mentioned previously, you are kind of aiming for the “unfinished” look or the “warehouse” look. So leave your ducts and pipes exposed rather than have them concealed and hidden away. This is part of the industrial interior design. On the bright side: it’s one thing less to worry about! Easier to leave it exposed, no?

Industrial style loft featuring the use of wood, metal and bricks.

Vintage furniture and accessories

For all the vintage fans out there, this is your moment: Vintage shopping! Indeed the industrial style usually comes with vintage furniture and accessories, so don’t hesitate to bring back some history in your design. This is also the moment to use recycled materials and furniture, so check all the reclaimed material you can possibly see, to find your favourite decor on the theme. Why not also use old machinery that would be reconverted into tables, chairs, decor, etc. Be creative!

Neutral colours

In the industrial style, you will mainly use neutral colours like black, white, brown, gray, etc. The focus is on the materials and the textures, rather than the colours themselves. Keep it clean and consistent, so the furniture, the texture and the decor stand out.

You have now all the characteristics you need to know to create your own industrial style at your house. As said previously, don’t hesitate to add your touch to it and make it feel like home. You would want to avoid to have the industrial side taking over and making the place look too cold.

Industrial style loft featuring a brick wall, a simplistic deco and a neutral colour palette.

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